Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings

It's six o'clock and sunny. (But it's really only five o'clock, which explains why the sun is still so high.) So my delight is somewhat muted.

It was 68 degrees yesterday. Two more degrees and everyone would have gotten to go home at 3 (an old Bookmen tradition). But now I work at home. So at 3 I suppose I would have gone off somewhere else.

More sun at night means less sun in the morning, of course (on any given day of the year) and I like to get up when there are still purple shadows and pink clouds here and there.

Yet daylight savings time is a trick. A con. I can't remember why it was invented. Was it farm kids in the fields or school kids walking home from school who were supposed to benefit?

I can remember my parents discussing its virtues and defects when it was relatively new. (Kids remember what their parents talk about.)

How many times the sun has jogged a little--back and forth, back and forth--since then!

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